Don’t you just hate going to the bank? Every time you show up it’s like they’re doing you this huge favour. When really, we’re the ones who own them.

And what do they give us in return for our money? Perpetual war, climate breakdown, and raging inequality, all for 0.025% APR.

Imagine the look on the teller’s face as you take all your money out, right in front of them. The way they’ll plead with you to stay, for it not to end like this.

Imagine the relief when you wake up the next day to find that our hard-earned dollars and rupees and pesos are no longer funding war crimes or fossil fuels or another billionaire’s private jet.

It’s a small act that punches well above its weight — a bold first step toward a new financial architecture.

A global campaign against SUVs, whose tires can be let down by wedging bits of gravel in the valves.

June 30, 2022

Touch Grass — Fuck It All Friday Dispatch

Time to wake up and smell the ripe pollen in the air. The world is alive. Can you feel it? We live within a glorious web of messy existence. Breathe it all in. And then sneeze it all out.

Fuck it all Fridays is your weekly chance to stick it to the powers intent on untangling the intricate system the planet has grown over four billion years.

This Friday’s act of world domination: go forth and plant seeds. Collect a bunch of native wildflower seeds and scatter them in a patch where nothing but grass grows. Your neighbour’s garden, the school football field, the verge by the side of the road.

It’s the perfect non-crime. Bring life where before there was only monoculture.

Bonus points if you spell out something in flowers…

Send us pictures of what you grow, and your creation might weave its way into the next issue of Adbusters Magazine.

. . .

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