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Tactical Briefing #3

Hey all you bristling bruisers out there,

Is destroying property an act of violence? Or throwing a pie in someone’s face? How about blowing up a pipeline?

In other words: Where do you draw the line?

It isn’t just an abstract philosophical question. Although we at Adbusters condemn violence, in the code-red struggle for humanity’s future we concede that we all have to look deep within and ask ourselves: How far are we willing to go?

As Extinction Rebellion has claimed, it might just take a few of us upping the civil-disobedience ante — getting arrested or even going to jail — to win the planetary endgame. So we asked our followers on Twitter and Reddit: “How long would you be willing to go to jail for to pie the CEO of ExxonMobil?”

For some responders the bar is high and restrictive. On Reddit, 36% of you said “Not a chance.” On Twitter, 40% said the same.

But for others, it’s low and permissive. Nearly 20% of our Twitter respondents said they would be willing to go to jail for a whole year. Over 22% on Reddit agreed.

Clearly not everyone is ready to live viscerally. But it might only take a small number of gutsy monkeywrenchers — say, 500 worldwide — to catapult the Pumpkin Pie Rebellion into a revolutionary new tactic that consistently makes headlines, forces world leaders to stick to their carbon commitments, and help nudge humanity onto a sane sustainable path.

So, whaddya say: Do we have 500 highly disciplined and organized pie throwers out there? Or shall we just keep on blocking roads and marching in the streets as we always have?

The Third Force

Tactical Briefing #2

Hey all you power-loathing proles,

First Panama. Then Paradise. Now Pandora.

If this most recent trove of leaks proves anything, it’s that world leaders are corrupt to the core.

So why should we trust any of them to do the right thing when it comes to the climate crisis?

The moral bankruptcy of the ruling class has never been made more obvious.

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That’s why we’re calling for a Pumpkin Pie Rebellion.

The logic is simple. Any world leader who has not lived up to their carbon commitments gets a pie in the face.

This XR kind of civil disobedience isn’t for everyone. Yet maybe it’s exactly what our code-red-for-humanity moment demands.

We’re betting there are at least 500 unsquashable souls out there with the guts to create a series of spectacular aha moments in the lead up to COP26.

Could you be one of them?

The Third Force

Tactical Briefing #1

Hey all you squash-eating scoundrels out there,

We’re calling for a Pumpkin Pie Rebellion!

The logic is simple. Any world leader who has not lived up to their carbon commitments, gets a pie in the face.

Take Canada’s Justin Trudeau. According to Climate Action Tracker, his “current policies are not enough to achieve [his stated 2°C-warming] target and are only in line with 4°C warming.” Which means all we can expect from him are hotter, deadlier, more devastating summers.

Trudeau is leading us nowhere fast. He should be among the first to eat a righteous faceful of pumpkin filling!

And the rest of the leaders of the G20 should get their faceful as well. To say nothing of Big Oil’s CEOs and other powerful climate-change deniers around the world. (Ahem. Rupert Murdoch.)

This approach isn’t for everyone. It is only for the courageous few who, in the spirit of XR, aren’t fazed by the prospect of getting arrested or spending time in jail.

But it’s exactly this kind of civil disobedience that our code-red-for-humanity moment demands. We need 500 unsquashable souls to take the pumpkin-pie challenge, to create a tantalizing series of irreverent spectacles for the world to digest in the run-up to COP26.

So how about it: Are you one of the 500?

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