Psycho Front

The moment is ripe for the birth of a new movement: The Mental Liberation Front (MLF). We heed the bugle call of our very souls, at long last.

Our First Commandment: Free your mind!

Our mission: Break up the tech giants! End the secret extraction and manipulation of human data! Destroy surveillance capitalism! Stop mindfuckers Zuck and Brin and Bezos from sneaking into your phone in the middle of the night! Put information flows and communications infrastructures back under democratic control!

Vanquish the mindlords. Demolish the spy panopticon. Get back the clarity of our minds. Update the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Rekindle the original dream of the FREENET.

Rise up, hybrid creature! Fight, fight, fight for a new Declaration of Human Rights, a new Bill of Rights for our kind.

Digital-body sovereignty now!

Get Adbusters #159 for more strategic insights into freeing your mind.

Get a copy of The Third Force - Field Guide To a New World Order. We have the codes. Are you ready?

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