November 16, 2021

Buy Nothing 2021 #1

Hey all you affluent Earth-dwellers out there,

Here’s a note never struck at COP26: We the billion richest people just flat fucking consume too much.

We made the problem we’re all trying to fix! We ate all the way through the apple and spit the seeds into the sky.

This Buy Nothing Day, it’s time to start owning this on the level of our personal habits.

On Nov 26th, which is also Black Friday, the day consumers are urged to Buy, Buy, Buy, let’s see if we can Hold, Hold, Hold — for just 24 hours. Why? To see if we can. To see what it feels like to try.  

To make discipline a part of the story of this battle for the survival of the human species.

The last 18 months have shown that a radical new kind of lifestyle adjustment is possible, even preferable. Millions of us now practice a community-first, Buy Nothing philosophy.  

To truly fix the climate crisis, our whole culture will have to commit to far more radical measures. But on November 26th, the test is simple: Can you stop consuming for just 24 hours?

Stay tuned for more Buy Nothing Day and Buy Nothing Xmastactical briefings.

The Third Force