December 2, 2021

Buy Nothing 2021 #5

Black Friday was great, wasn’t it?

Tucked in at home with your 4K UHD TV, in your Turkish-cotton bathrobe, with your dual-boiler-infuser espresso machine burbling away in the kitchen, you must feel pretty good about all the great deals you snagged.

After all, who doesn’t feel the need to escape from all the doom and gloom going on outside? It’s all so heavy.

If you indulged in a Black Friday consumption binge, well, why not? You won’t be alive when the disaster you’ve helped to fuel strikes, anyhow.

Enjoy all that shit while it lasts. And settle in. The superfires are going to make for one hell of a show.  

Oh, and in case you’re feeling a tad guilty, you can always take the opportunity this coming Xmas season to Buy Nothing.

The Third Force