December 21, 2021

Buy Nothing Xmas

Hey all you beautiful people out there,

As the year comes to a close, we’re all reflecting on the last sun-cycle, waxing philosophical, even spiritual — trying to get our best intentions over the finish line.

Let’s admit it: one of the biggest challenges in life is changing yourself. Sometimes it can feel downright impossible. Yet in the face of multiple code-red crises, this is exactly what this moment in history demands of us.

To get out of this mess alive will require a ferocious commitment. We’re going to have to undertake a major overhaul — starting with ourselves. Rainer Maria Rilke said it perfectly: “You must change your life.”

So this holiday season why not jump over all the commercialized brouhaha entirely. Take the spiritual leap from “I think therefore I am” and “I shop therefore I am” —> “I connect therefore I am.”Apply it to your neighbors, your colleagues, your friends, your cousins, your estranged siblings, your weird aunt, your aging parents.  

And then, when we all surface in the New Year with hearts three sizes bigger, let’s melt together worldwide and dream a new dream.

The Third Force