October 29, 2021

Pumpkin Pie Rebellion #5

Let’s go to Glasgow equipped with the tools of the trickster’s trade . . . and disrupt the business-as-usual tone of COP26 forever!

First thing to do when you arrive is to print out multiple copies of our Ultimatum to World Leaders and post it all over the conference — and in strategic places throughout the city as well.

Download Ultimatum

As you stroll around, keep your eyes peeled for prime opportunities for direct action. If you see Boris, PIE HIM! If you see Macron, PIE HIM! If you see Trudeau, PIE HIM! If you see Morrison, PIE HIM!

Fresh eggs and ripe tomatoes work well, too. You can also Google “stink bomb” and think about that as well.

Whatever you do, don’t allow COP26 to turn into yet another non-event that achieves a great big goose-egg. We’ve had 25 of those already, and the crisis has never been more dire.

Instead, put all your wits and energy into turning this conference into a “people’s conference” — a historical moment when we the people say “fuck you!” to the status quo, commandeer the proceedings, and start calling the shots from below.

Things are beginning to stir in Glasgowas we speak.

That pie in Boris’s face will reverberate around the world!

Are you ready to take a final stand for the future of humanity?

The Third Force