November 5, 2021

Pumpkin Pie Rebellion #7

Hey all you endgame strategists out there,

Let’s march into the conference center, commandeer the proceedings and start calling the shots from below!

In our Ultimatum we demanded that world leaders declare a code-red emergency, halt subsidies to oil corporations, declare a moratorium on pipeline construction, compensate poor countries for the overwhelming emissions of the rich, and move towards a global marketplace in which the price of every product tells the ecological truth.

None of that happened. Apart from an agreement to cut down on methane and another to end deforestation, our so-called leaders have come home empty-handed.

COP26 has amounted to nothing but yet another hollow, back-patting dud. The sad truth is that our supposed leaders haven’t got a clue about how to get us out of the existential crisis we’re in. All they do is pay cynical lip-service to a future-anxious, shit-scared public.

So what’s our next strategic move?

We’re calling on a few courageous souls to welcome our leaders home with a pie in the face. Let’s spark a worldwide Pumpkin Pie Rebellion, put “leaders” to shame for their gross incompetence — and take resistance to their fatalistic endgame politics to a whole new level!

Hey all you misfits, malcontents, poets and punks out there:

Let the pies fly!

The Third Force