April 11, 2022

With Our Radical Call to Action, We Pissed Off Right-Wing Blowhards

Luxury SUVs are the second-biggest contributor to increasing global CO2 emissions since 2010. So, like our comrades Tyre Extinguishers across the Atlantic, we called for deflating SUV tires in rich neighborhoods — avoiding disabled and working vehicles — as a form of ante-upping climate action.

And boy, did the right-wing mediasphere respond.

Fox, the NY Post, the UK’s Daily Mail, the Washington Times, even Newt Gingrich have all weighed in on our campaign with fear-mongering gusto. Watch out! The cannibal eco-mob is coming first for your car — then for your sweet, juicy flesh.

In other words, we struck a nerve. And frankly, we welcome the backlash.

SUV-owners, holding fast to their gas-guzzling behemoths, are responsible for some of the least justifiable pollution on Earth. As Andreas Malm writes, “If we cannot even get rid of the most preposterously unnecessary emissions, how are we going to begin moving towards zero?”

Ecological catastrophe is fast approaching. Luxury emissions must be the first to go. The time for asking nicely is over.

One SUV at a time, let’s get this kind of doomsday machinery off the streets for good.

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