March 7, 2022

Let Palestine Speak

Hey all you justice junkies,

Silenced in their homeland. Silenced abroad. Silenced in the mainstream media. And finally, silenced online.

The largest social-media platforms have long tried to stifle any mention of Palestinians’ suffering at the hands of Israel. This includes not only human-rights violations and state-sanctioned abuse but out-and-out crimes against humanity.

On top of all this, other tech companies like PayPal have denied Palestinians access to their services, further isolating their cause — and making their very humanity increasingly invisible.

Enough is enough is enough. We’re taking action to bring down Big Tech’s iron grip on who gets to do what, and on whose terms.

It’s time to unleash a metamemetic maelstrom to overturn the platforms’ anti-Palestine consensus.

Let the online world know that you stand with Palestine and against thoughtcrime on social media. Go after the platforms on their own turf using the hashtag #LetPalestineSpeak. And cancel your PayPal account (if you don’t absolutely depend on it) — use an alternative instead.

Be part of a movement to free our minds. March with Palestine — march under the banner of the Mental Liberation Front!

The Third Force