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Worldwide General Strike - A Day of Rage Against World Leaders.

Ten years after Occupy Wall Street one thing has become painfully clear: the people in charge of our global system have run it aground. Ecosystems are crashing, financial markets teetering, climate wars breaking out. Suddenly humanity is in a Code-Red Emergency and our world leaders haven’t got a clue about how to get us out of it. It’s time for another global uprising — OWS 2.0.

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#WorldwideGeneralStrike TACTICAL BRIEFING No. 1: No Future Without #TrueCost

#WorldwideGeneralStrike TACTICAL BRIEFING No. 1 Alright you radicals, rebels and redeemers out there,Once in every era, the call of history compels a small number of people — or even just one person — to steer the world in a fresh new direction. This is that call.Why? The Earth is on fire. An unjust and destructive financial system threatens to pull everything down with it as it crumbles under its own weight. And the most disastrous pandemic in a century — having raged worldwide for more than a year — has exposed fatal systemic flaws that go all the way down to our most fundamental notions of how we ought to live and think as a species.

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