October 21, 2021

Pumpkin Pie Rebellion #4

Hey all you disobedient delinquents,

Remember when Extinction Rebellion came on the scene with a furious putsch — blocking roads, getting arrested, and instilling in millions the urgency of the climate fight?

Sure the road blocking pissed people off, but they understood the urgency, and it spawned a worldwide network of climate activists. But after a while that reasoning started wearing thin. The shut-everything-down tactics made a few too many enemies, and XR started switching it up.

Banner drops, blocking corporations, disrupting lawmakers, and a lot of fake blood started taking over. They started targeting the people responsible.

Nothing paints that target like a pumpkin pie to the face. Sure you could get arrested, jailed, beaten up, blacklisted — it isn't for everyone — but it's an essential part of any code-red strategy for upping the ante on climate activism.

Pieing is a new tactic in the toolbox!

Imagine the reaction if Trudeau or Macron or Boris got a pie in the face. People would celebrate — they'd be elated! By ridiculing and shaming world leaders who renege on their carbon commitments, we can generate massive media attention and capture the world’s imagination.

We’ve got two golden chances to pie those suckers: once during the lead-up to COP26 in Glasgow, and another when world leaders return home.

The Pumpkin Pie Rebellion only needs a small number of people to step up to the plate — are you one of them?

The Third Force