Deflating Tires

It’s so obvious it barely needs stating: gas-guzzling cars are death machines driving us to the brink of extinction.‍ And it’s overwhelmingly rich people who drive them.

Since 2010, luxury SUVs (think Escalades and Yukons) have proved the second-biggest contributors to increasing CO2 emissions worldwide.

In the words of Andreas Malm, these emissions are “preposterously unnecessary.” There is no conscionable reason they shouldn't — or couldn’t — be cut back immediately to help avoid total ecological collapse.

After all, as the IPCC recently said, it’s “now or never” for urgent action. So after 50 years of ineffectual climate activism, isn’t it time to escalate?

The vote is split: roughly the same proportion of you thought deflating SUV tires is not a necessary next step in the fight for the climate as those who thought it is. Almost as many weren’t sure where they stood.

In other words, we’re mostly a gutless bunch. Despite facing spiralling ecological breakdown and the end of humankind as we know it, we still can’t agree to get visceral. To take a last, fierce stand against a fossil-based economics driving us inexorably towards extinction. To get real when it comes to the planetary endgame rearing up before us.

But hey: we’ve still got our precious cars. That’s a nice consolation. Right?

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