November 24, 2021

Buy Nothing 2021 #4

Hey all you troubled souls out there,

We, the rich one billion, must change our lifestyles if humanity is going to have any kind of future. Each one of us gobbles three times as many resources as someone in China, ten times as much as someone in India and fifteen times as much as someone in Africa. We puke plastic and crap carbon. The problem is us!

Buy Nothing Day is a chance to start putting things right — with ourselves and our whole consumer culture.

Take the plunge!

Commit to not spending a dime for 24 hours. Fingers off the wallet, the swipe cards, the electronic shopping cart. Hang in there as the day burns down. Find out what that feels like. See how addicted to consumption you really are, how the cravings are almost impossible to resist.

By suppertime, like millions of people who have taken the Buy Nothing Day challenge before you, you may find you’ve had a life-changing epiphany.

You may then decide to go further. To change the way you negotiate Christmas. To keep downshifting through New Year’s and into the Year of the Tiger.

To bugle this message to all the world.

This Buy Nothing Day, let the renewal begin.

The Third Force